DataMine Travel

Logo design and responsive web design concept created for DataMine Travel, a tour operator software company from the U.S.A.

DataMine Travel, part of DataMine Inc., is a company specialized in Tour Operator Software integration. Their innovative solutions allow travel companies to fully leverage their existing software, sync data and seamlessly integrate with other systems such as website, social media and reporting tools.

For this project, my challenge was to design a new logo for the company, together with a web design concept for a responsive presentation website.

To create the logo, I used a simple color palette (white and two shades of blue) in combination with a modern font. Based on client's feedback, the logo symbol was created to bind the company name to the activity and type of clients they wish to satisfy.

The web design concept is also simple and modern, relying on flat web design. The presentation website's purpose is to introduce DataMine Travel to visitors, showcase their solutions and allow for a fast way to leave a message.

The DataMine Travel project was a great experience and a perfect example of a collaboration with a new company that's ready hit the market.

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Logo design


Design concept overview