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Degano Consulting Project

Project: Degano Consulting, Luxembourg, 2016


Branding and web development for an insurance company

Degano Consulting (degano.lu) is an efficient, friendly and professional insurance agency located in Luxembourg that works in collaboration with La Luxembourgeoise (LALUX Assurances, lalux.lu). The challenge of this project was to create an original brand concept for Degano Consulting, from scratch. Mike D. (the client) and I started work with the official company logo, then we defined various marketing resources and, finally, developed and released the official presentation website.

#Branding #MarketingResources #LogoDesign #ResponsiveWebDesign #WebDevelopment #Project #Luxembourg #2016

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Degano Consulting
Degano Consulting
Degano Consulting
Degano Consulting
Degano Consulting
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