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I invite you to discover a collection of interesting posts on design, software, and technology in general.

News SCUT Association for Social Services

News - SCUT Association for Social Services | Posted by on 9/1/2021
News - SCUT Association for Social Services

Discover SCUT Association for Social Services from Brasov, an amazing NGO with a hard mission.

Published by on 9/1/2021

History of logos The oldest logo in history

Discover the story of the oldest logo in history, all the way back in 1366.

Published by on 6/26/2020

About logos Value vs Cost

Interesting topic of discussion: the value of a logo versus the cost of a logo.

Published by on 6/22/2020

About logo design Responsive Logos

Responsive Logos: a dynamic design to impress your audience.

Published by on 6/19/2020

Good to know The Interceptor by The Ocean Cleanup

After re-engineering the ocean plastic-cleaning device, Boyan Slat and The Ocean Cleanup revealed a new machine: The Interceptor.

Published by on 11/4/2019


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