I was fortunate to create various projects for clients and businesses all over the world. Here's what they had to say about our collaboration.

EventsExpert Shop

Excellent collaboration. Very good work ethic. Efficient documentation. Very good time-frame and according to my needs. The end result respected all my specifications.

Auction Tracking, Bidder Warning

Claudiu has been the principle developer on our very complex eBay® power user support systems project for several years. He has been a dogged and reliable developer on a very complex project under challenging conditions. His work has always been reliable, up to specifications and promptly completed. I highly recommend him for as a developer for software as a service type projects.


I met Claudiu whilst developing our CapSure Windows based software for microscopy. He was our project engineer during our revision updates and major changes. He was fantastic! Learning to listen is an art and Mr Sabău has this gift. It was easy to work with and has an astute understanding of software development and design. I would highly recommend his brilliance.

Auction Tracking, Bidder Warning

Claudiu has proven to be an accurate and swift developer. He has tackled all challenges with ingenuity and skill. Our projects were particularly difficult; they required an interface with another company. This company has proven to be very difficult to work with, but Claudiu has persevered and overcame what at times seemed to be insurmountable problems.


As an architect, for me is very important to have a website where to present my works and the act of choosing the person to design it must be a very responsible one. The web designer has to understand your language and to adapt the site to your needs. The work and support provided by Claudiu was well beyond my expectations. Claudiu designed me a very creative and professional website and helped me a lot to promote myself. I am looking forward to our next project and strongly recommend Claudiu to anyone who wants to make a website.

BlueViking Pizza

I've worked with Claudiu for over 5 years and together we defined all my business into a large software infrastructure. This was a challenge that he was able to understand and accomplish.

Many developers, while brilliant at writing code, never acquire the ability to design user interfaces (GUIs) that reflect an understanding of user needs – creating software that works, but with GUIs that are functionally problematic for the end user. Claudiu is one of those rare developers who not only is extremely competent at coding, but he has the artistic background, and a passion to learn about his client's and users' needs, to design effective and aesthetically pleasing end user interfaces.

LightBag, 7LastMuse

The collaboration with Claudiu, in the end, was a real pleasure. After starting the project, we abandoned while influenced by a 'good friend'... We returned to it after 4 months and after several discussions I saw the mistake in my initial decision and realized that together we can make anything we plan. He was flexible, attentive and demonstrated an excellent ability to understand my design and functionality needs for the presentation website and for the on-line shop. More than this, the ideas and solutions proposed by Claudiu were extremely useful.


Claudiu did a remarkable job developing two websites for me. From ideation to the final content edits Claudiu displayed a rare combination of skills embodying aesthetic and business creativity, technical and functional execution and strong content and communication skills. This unique combination of abilities made the collaboration process both efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend using Claudiu for your next challenging website if you are looking for a final product that is infused with both creativity and functional design.

Claudiu is a very proficient, professional and forward thinking programmer but more importantly, he is a genuinely pleasant chap to do business with. Always positive and ready to take on a challenge, Claudiu was very easy to work with. He never said something couldn't be done and was thorough, transparent and fair on his pricing. Would definitely recommend to others.